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1. Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge quotes are based on the Inventory you provide to us as we are not able to view your items before accepting your job. Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge do rely on an accurate list of inventory, and therefore, you need to understand that you cannot list a few items and end up with a van load for the same price.

2. Please, it is crucial for you to let Osas Move ltd man and van Penge know the size of your items and make clear the collection and delivery postcodes.

3. Please let Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge transport team know the number of men if more then one man is required.

4. Please do inform Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge transport team in advance if there would be any challenge with regards to access to your building or property, i.e., Stairs, no driveway, narrow entrance, parking, so we know what to expect. Failure to disclose this information would incur extra charges.

5. Osas Move Ltd  man and van Penge reserve the right to make additional charges, should you want our driver to make an extra stop at a different location from the original pick up/ delivery point. Congestion charge fee would be charged for deliveries within the congestion and ultra-low emission zones.

6. It is your responsibility, to let Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge transport team know in advance if for any reason you wish to cancel a Job or change to a different date from the original date.

7. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your items packed in a box or bubble-wrapped. Except you have made a special request for Osas Move Ltd Penge man and van Penge transporters to help you package and wrap your items or furniture's. There is an extra charge for this service.

8. You need to understand that anything can happen when goods are in transit or off transit. Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge do not take responsibility for already broken or damaged goods which did not occur during transit. i.e., things that have already been damaged before pick up or after delivery. Please check that there is no damage to your items upon completion of your move. We would not accept responsibility for any damage reported to us after our movers have left your apartment, flat or house.


9. You are required to make full payment in advance when booking your move with Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge. Full payment is mandatory to confirm your booking. We do not accept cash. Our drivers do not carry cash. We only accept bank transfer and card payments.


10. Osas Move man and van Penge accept cash and all major card payments.

11. Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge would charge a 50% payment of the original price agreed for any job booking cancelled within 24 to 48 hours of the job been carried out.

12. Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge would apply and extra charge for dismantling and assembly of any furniture. There is also an additional cost for disconnecting and connecting appliances such as gas cookers and washing machines. 


13a. Please make sure you have checked with the seller or buyer the size and dimension i. e. (height, width, length) of furniture or appliances to ensure that it makes it easier for Osas Move man and van Penge driver or team to be able to get your items into your property.


13b Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge transporters would not force any furniture or appliances through any door if it did not go in through the door as a result of the furniture or appliance been too large to get through your door. Osas Move man and van Penge do this as a precautionary measure to avoid any damage to the furniture/appliances and the property.


14. Please if there is any query about the service Osas Move Ltd Penge transporters have offered you, please let us know. We will do our best to resolve it. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

15. By accepting the quote of Osas Move Ltd, you agree with the terms and conditions of Osas Move Ltd man and van Penge.

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