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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Moving can be a very difficult task to carry out when moving house or office or generally moving from point A to B. Over the past 10 years of moving people from point A to B, Osas Move man and van Penge have seen people sometimes disorganized, and sometimes to not know what to do or where to start from. Some people are very emotionally upset when they see their stuff all over the place and do not know where to start packing and arranging their stuff. Some people are happy maybe because the have been able to go on the housing ladder because they have just bought a house and the joy of being a landlord and no more a tenant if you get my drift. In another scenario, Osas Move man and van Penge have seen some other people are unhappy during the move depending on the circumstance from which the end their tenancy.

Now when getting ready to leave a property where you may have stayed over a period of time and need to relocate to another property either within the same borough or relocating from one borough to another borough or maybe relocating from one country to another country, it can be very confusing and depressing sometimes when the thought of how you are going to manage the organization of your household or office property in such a way that you would have a hassle and stress free move. 

Osas Move man and van Penge would like to share with you some common mistakes some people make sometimes during their move, which makes their moving experience stressful and hectic. Now Osas Move man and van Penge have seen situations when as our movers arrive at a property to move someone and household items are all over the place as sometimes the person does not know where to start from so as to be organized and get ready for the movers to start loading the van.

For some other people in a different category, especially when it is their first relocation experience, they have no idea that they might need to get boxes, bags and packaging material to begin with. So they tend to start packing their stuff in a hurry into bin bags. In this situation, there is no taking into consideration items that are fragile like bottles and glass utensils, that need to be packed carefully, and that can get damaged during the moving process. In other cases, there is not taking into account by some people that there are items that might be heavy, such as books, for example, that would need strong cardboard or plastic boxes, taking into account the weight of heavy items like books. You need strong hard boxes to move heavy item, else you would experience a situation where if a light box is been used for the heavy items, it falls apart, and this can result to a costly damage.

Other mistakes some other people make is in packing their heavy appliances such as fridge, cooker, washing machine, and dishwasher. it is not very nice when the removals transporters turn up for a house move, and when loading appliances, the removals men for example in he experience of Osas Move man and van Penge find sometimes, that the fridge, for example, has not been defrosted, or the washing machine been drained to avoid leakage of water inside the van which could potentially damage other property inside the van. Sometimes Osas Move man and van Penge meet a gas cooker so messed up with oily and greasy black stains, which makes the body of the gas cooker sticky when moving. 

One thing Osas Move man and van Penge found fascinating sometimes, is when our removals men move some people from point A to point B, they want the mover to handle some expensive items such as furniture for example, without either personally arrange for the materials to protect the furniture or pay some money to the mover help them arrange so a suitable packaging material that would protect the furniture and ensure that it arrives the final destination at the delivery address safely. One of the core principles of Osas Move man and van Penge service is to handle customer goods with expert duty. Sometimes when the removals men are put under pressure during a move, out of the negligence of adequately protecting your property, there is 9 out of 10 that things might horribly go wrong. Sometimes, damages might be inevitable.

Finally, one other mistake some people make during a house move is the way they treat, address or talk to their movers. Your body language or gesture towards those who have come to help you move is very important. In our many years in the removals and moving industry, Osas Move man and van Penge transporters have experienced some individuals very aggressive and despise the mover who have come to help them move. The truth is when a mover, come to help you move and the environment he/she or they find themselves is very toxic, things might horribly go wrong during the move.

It is very important to treat movers with respect and create a conducive environment so that they can carry out their service to you with joy and make them go over and beyond your expectations. It is very important to have a clear idea of at least 80% estimate of the items you need to move. This would save you arguments in prices you receive when you received a quote from your mover.

Some people provide their mover with the wrong list of inventory of items that need to be moved from one property to another. Arguments and friction over prices are inevitable when a mover receives an inventory and provides the right van that would accommodate the move, and on the day of the move, the movers are welcomed with a surprise of items now twice or thrice their expectation on the inventory. If at any time when you have completed your packing and noticed that you now have much more than expected, it is important to inform the movers ahead of the move so they know what to expect and probably a fair price can be renegotiated.

Finally It is very important that you are ready and fully composed and organised when preparing to move house. For more information on useful tips that can enable you to have a hassle free and stress free removals service, visit our web page on moving tips at https://www.osasmove.co.uk/moving

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