Make a list

Ensure you make a list of inventory of approximately the amount of items like furniture and boxes you need to move. Providing a list of your things to the house movers would enable them to know what to expect when they arrive at your property for the house move. It is also necessary to let the movers know the size and dimension of the furniture or appliances. You need to make the movers know if there would be any items of furniture that might need disassembling or assembling so they can come with the right tools. An accurate list of things that need moving would enable the house movers to give you an accurate quote.

Have plenty of supplies

Ensure you have enough boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, and any other supplies you may need to ensure a smooth move. If this is your first move, you can inquire from the movers to guide you on the types of supplies you might need to enable you to organize your move. You can also request quantities of moving materials from the movers, although this would be available at an extra cost upon request. It would be best if you had many supplies, especially boxes, bags, or suitcases that would securely accommodate your household items.


Utilize wardrobe boxes

Ensure you have wardrobes boxes for clothes if necessary​. Wardrobe boxes are handy to enable you to organize your clothes for a stress-free move. The volume of your clothes would determine the number of wardrobe boxes that you might need for your house move. You can request the movers to provide you with wardrobe boxes at an extra cost. The use of wardrobe boxes would help facilitate a hassle and stress-free move, mainly when loading and unloading are being carried out by the movers. Strategize wardrobe box use.


Colour coordinate

You will have a stress free unpacking if your boxes have labels after packing before your move. It is essential to label your boxes to facilitate the unloading of your household or general items. It would also enable the movers and you when unloading to know where things need to be inside the new property. Boxes with labels help you to identify your household items. Labeling your boxes or packages would also enable the movers to know boxes that are fragile when loading and unloading the van. Labels on your boxes would let you see the section in the house your things need to go.

Check the Measurement of Furniture & General Appliances

When buying furniture or appliances always ensure you check the measurement before purchasing from the seller. Checking the size and dimension of the item is essential, especially when you buy a piece of furniture like a sofa. Without checking the dimension and size, i.e., the length, width and height, the removals and moving company may have difficulty in getting it into your house through your front door or the lift or stairs into your home.


Not knowing the size of the furniture or appliances might cause you and the movers undue stress getting them through the door, stairs or lift into your property. You should also measure example, a cabinet and, measurement of the space in your property where you hope to put the furniture to ensure it fits the space. Knowing the size and dimension of the furniture or appliances is essential to ensure hassle-free delivery.


Be Organised

Ensure that you do your very best to be ready when preparing to move. Enure your household items are into boxes, bags, or a suitcase, especially fragile items. Items in boxes would enable the movers to be able to carry your things with ease without damage from your property into the van. Being organized during your move also will allow you to have a hassle and a stress-free move. When items are not organized and ready to move, this might also cause delays for the movers who might have another house move to get to after completing your move.


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